The floristic mapping of Baden-Württemberg
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Since the 1970s, the natural history museums in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe have implemented a systematic floristic mapping for Baden-Württemberg. It has found a temporary completion with the release of the eight-volume work "Die Farn- und Blütenpflanzen Baden-Württembergs" (Ferns and flowering plants of Baden-Württemberg) (SEBALD, SEYBOLD, PHILIPPI & WÖRZ 1990-1998).

Since 2008, a complete new implementation of the mapping has taken place, also by the natural history museums, this time in collaboration with the "Botanischen Arbeitsgemeinschaft Südwestdeutschland e.V.". The results of this mapping are presented here as a preliminary maps. They each represent a surveying status. As of early 2012 we have both jpg-maps (as of 2010, they are no longer updated) as well as interactive maps that are updated regularly. The latter also render background data, but they have not been fully verified. For all the data presented here, we can not accept any legal responsibility for the accuracy. We are grateful for critical comments because due to the transmission and processing of huge amounts of data some errors have crept in. Please observe the instructions to the interactive map under the "distribution maps".

Some critical taxa are not fully recorded in the region and require further handling (eg, Rosa spp., Taraxacum sect. Erythrosperma, Rubus spp.). Therefore we are always grateful for field data, specimens and herbarium revisions. We would like to continue to keep the distribution maps up to date.

The mapping data were and are collected by many, mostly volunteers, over many laborious hours and days. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the surveyors who contributed so diligently. We would be delighted if we could continue to count on your help to continue to make this project successful, just as we would be happy if one or two new surveyors could join us. For information please contact us (Dr. A. Wörz, Phone 0711/8936-212, arno.woerz @

During the compilation of the jpg maps we had the help of Dr. Peter Thomas (Hatzenbühl). The interactive maps were produced by Thomas Schneider and Jürgen Brück. Everyone is gratefully acknowledged. For permission to use the colored background in the jpg maps we would like to thank Manfred Müller (LUBW). For the digitization of the mounds of data - on a voluntary basis - we thank Desirée Brown, Ulrike Bildstein, Karin Heil, Norbert Heil and Dr. Gitta Oettler. We would also like to thank all of those who have helped to improve this website: Dr. Uwe Amarell (Offenburg), Thomas Gregory (Schlitz), Dr. Gerold Hügin (Denzlingen), Günter Matzke-Hajek (Alfter), Anette Rosenbauer (SMNS). Also the employees of the Department of Botany, especially Anne Kathrin Barge, Martin Engelhardt, Christiane Dalitz, Anette Rosenbauer and Monika Voggesberger are gratefully acknowledged for their diverse commitment to the cause. For the complete redesign of the website, we would like to thank Samuel Hoffmeier.

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